to the diaspora

It is undeniable that black girls are having a "moment in the sun". For the past ten years, the natural hair movement has been prepping the soil by reconnecting black women to each other through self-love and knowledge. #blacklivesmatter, seeded by female masterminds, formed a community based organization that became a stance and response against systematic brutality against female, transgendered, non-gender specific, and male black bodies. #blackgirlmagic, created by bi-sexual, bi-racial teen, uprooted the free use of cultural appropriation of black culture. The recent black actress speeches, boycotts, and calling out on e of the most fruitful media outlets encouraged conversation on the lack of black faces in film with #oscarssowhite; this also gave hint to how fertile the oil had become. Black female music mogul utilized big media and her stake in the Black Lives Matter movement's rise by unveiling her track "Formation" while 110 million people watched worldwide; the audience witnessed a melodic proclamation of blackness, an applaud to female community organizing strength, and a nod to the powerful black movements of the past. It's up to us to continue to the conversation. There is no better immediate platform than the internet and its social media to sow and harvest social awareness, unity, progress, and black power. I created TO THE DIASPORA to do just that: to continue the dialogue and nurture the energy. May the "moment in the sun" never be brief but instead only be the cusp of exponential growth in black empowerment. 


by Gloria T. Longin

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